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ChEW Bitesize:

Taking a Co-Production Approach to Evaluation 

In February we launched our series of smaller online Bitesize events with a look at coproduction in evaluation with Scope. 

Scope is a disability equality charity, providing practical information and emotional support, and campaigning to create a fairer society. The charity runs an online and telephone support programme for disabled people looking for paid employment called Support to Work. In this event, we heard from representatives across the evaluation team on how the evaluation of the service aimed to work with people with lived experience of disability in an equal and reciprocal partnership. 

You can catch up with the event above or view the slides from the presentation below.

Questions from the event will help shape a blog in the coming weeks but in the meantime why not head to our membership forum and share your thought and questions there. 

With many thanks to 

Jessica Bricknell, Evaluation Officer at Scope

Ruth Murran, Co-Evaluator 

Mushtaq Patas, Customer Representative 

Amy Frounks, Co-Evaluator

Julie Hartley, Peer Reviewer

and all members of the team for sharing their experiences and learning.

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