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Evaluation Around the Globe 

Our December 2021 Members Event featured an International panel sharing their approaches to evaluation and key themes and projects from the past year, as well as looking forward to what 2022 might offer.  


We were  delighted to hear from: 

Tom Ling, European Evaluation Society

Looking back topic: Rise of complex interventions and mature approaches to handling it for evaluators

Looking forward topic: Tacit situated knowledge and supporting agile learning organisations


Khalil Bitar, EvalYouth, co-founder / MENA Evaluation Network (EvalMENA), board member

Looking back topic:  Permission to dream and act: The youth in evaluation movement and the power of transformation —with insights from the story and experience of the EvalYouth Global Network

Looking forward topic: If not now, when? Evaluators as agents of change in the time of a global pandemic and other (existential) global challenges —with a focus on evaluation in service of equity, social justice, and social activism

Kylie Hutchinson, Principal with Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation and Canadian Evaluation Society Member

Looking back topic: Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action in Canada and Equitable Evaluation

Looking forward topic: Liberating Structures for the Equitable Evaluation Toolbox


Professor Wolfgang Meyer, International Program for Development Evaluation Training

Looking back topic: Systems thinking in SDG-reporting

Looking forward topic: Big data for monitoring

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Links shared as part of presentations and event chat:

Reflections on Applying Equitable Evaluation

Research is Ceremony - Shawn Wilson

Liberating Structures

Community Solutions

Center for Evaluation

International Program for Development Evaluation Training

Master of Blended-Learning Evaluation at Saarland University and TU Kaiserslautern

Non-profit Network of Data scientists

Link to Q Health work on liberating structures

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