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Emerging Evaluators Programme


ChEW’s Emerging Evaluators Programme (EEP) is running again in 2023. EEP is an online group training and coaching course for early-career monitoring and evaluation professionals that will focus on career development.


We are looking for those who:


  • Work for or with third-sector organisations

  • Have been in an evaluation role for less than two years

  • Whose day-to-day role involves evaluation work


You will have the chance to:


  • Build and refine the critical foundations of strong impact practice, working through the impact cycle

  • Explore and overcome practical challenges in the day-to-day work of being an evaluator 

  • Reflect and plan meaningful career goals and personal development activities 


There will be a mix of technical content, opportunities to meet and hear from experienced evaluators and space to learn from each other underpinned by a practice-based learning approach and a supportive peer community. 


This Programme is tailored around cohort needs and will support you to overcome the practical challenges you experience in your daily work. 


After taking part you will:


  • Have improved knowledge and confidence working through the impact cycle as a critical foundation for impact practice 

  • Have access and signposts to best practice theories and practical examples 

  • Have a set of career goals and a template for continuing your independent professional development 

  • Be part of a supportive network of professionals working through practical challenges and personal goals 


ChEW’s EEP will consist of four 3-hour sessions online, and we will be running the Programme twice before the end of this year.


Cohort 1 will run from October to November, and Cohort 2 will run from November to December. 


To wrap up, we will host a Careers event in January for both cohorts to include everyone who attended the Programme. 


Exact dates and the price will be confirmed before bookings go live. 


If you are interested in joining ChEW's Emerging Evaluators Programme, please click the button below:

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